AUGUST 23, 2019


As we approach our one-year anniversary, I invite you to look back, proudly remembering how much we have accomplished.  We confidently look into the next year, knowing we have already shifted perceptions–moving the needle on tuition freeze in the last two months.  We are well positioned for success advancing the story of UW-Madison’s incredible economic impact using data-driven solutions both inside the State Capitol, as well as with out-state business and thought leaders!

On Wisconsin,

Amber Schroeder
Executive Director

September/October 2018:

Badgers United is formed and first Executive Director is hired. The Board of Directors determines it will exist to provide education to Wisconsin policymakers and citizens on the economic value of UW-Madison

January 2019:

Board of Directors initial strategic , educational messages focusing on UW-Madison’s economic impact and the need for tuition flexibility. Website, message and social media development begin.

June 2019:

Badgers United is launched to the with incredible success, featured in over 60 statewide and national news outlets including: Wisconsin State Journal, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, UPFRONT and USA Today.

July 2019:

Panel discussion featuring Representative Murphy, Mike Knetter and Tim Higgins is held. Many in attendance including legislative staff and media. Rep. Murphy announces a bill to thaw the tuition freeze. Additional media coverage is garnered with placements in 13 news outlets statewide.


Badgers United is positioned for success as a well informed, data driven thought leader in Wisconsin who will continue to spread the positive message of UW-Madison’s economic impact to every corner of the state of Wisconsin.