Badgers United was formed by Wisconsin business leaders and concerned citizens who recognize the University of Wisconsin – Madison’s great impact on our state, and the challenges it must overcome to continue delivering powerful results. We aren’t partisan or political activists. We’re members of communities like yours who believe UW-Madison is the key to fueling our state’s economic engine.

We’re proud of what the University has done for Wisconsin residents, but we believe it’s time to turn our attention toward what is needed for future progress.

Meet Our Board

Peter Kies

Managing Director – Robert W. Baird
Milwaukee, WI

John Schaefer

Chairman & CEO – Fleet Farm
Rhinelander, WI

Bill Monfre

Former President & CEO – Quality Insulators
Shawano, WI

Meet Our Staff

Brian Hellmer

Executive Director

Pat Goss

Director of Government Relations

How We Make An Impact

  • We help build public knowledge of the importance of the University of Wisconsin to the people and economic health of the State.
  • We fund and/or compile research of how highly effective public higher education systems are structured.
  • We look for opportunities to contribute our expertise to discussion of how to improve the competitiveness of UW.

UW‑Madison Works for Wisconsin

Let’s Work for UW‑Madison

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