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The University of Wisconsin system has long been heralded as one of the country’s premier university systems, providing students with a world-class education in the heart of the Midwest. For generations, UW institutions have prepared students to succeed beyond the classroom while driving economic growth across the state. Despite Wisconsin’s reputation of educational excellence, we are losing our ability to compete with national peers. This loss of competitiveness impacts enrollment numbers, which in turn limits the number of UW students entering Wisconsin’s workforce, which hurts our state’s economy. Without immediate action, the University of Wisconsin’s legacy is in jeopardy. Declining rankings, antiquated governance structure, and tedious red tape that prevents growth and innovation are all currently plaguing our state universities. This must be addressed and rectified. Learn more here.


Join us to ensure the University of Wisconsin is equipped to continue providing a world-class education for generations to come.

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Studies show that declining rankings, antiquated governance structure, eroding competitiveness, and lack of bonding authority negatively impact the UW System, threatening a key component to Wisconsin’s economic growth.

Badgers United proposes data-driven solutions including increasing in-state support for UW-Madison, a thaw of the in-state undergraduate tuition freeze, providing UW-Madison with the financial flexibility to access credit markets, and investing in the future of UW-Madison.




UW-Madison is a powerhouse for Wisconsin, generating billions in economic impact and millions in state and local tax revenue annually. Its innovation reaches every corner of the state and it employs more citizens than any other business in Wisconsin.



When UW Institutions Have Decision-Making Power

Wisconsin and the UW System are excellent partners – let’s work to make them both stronger.

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